From Happy Big Blue Families

Music Together® has been so great for my kids. We have been bringing my son since he was just a few days old (while my daughter was participating) and now, at a year old, he loves music and has a pretty good sense of rhthym already. Both of my kids love to jam out at home with our own instruments and they love to listen to the Music Together songs in the car and sing along. The classes are so much and interactive and the kids love going every week!   -NB


Cora is great and so attuned to the music needs of the youngest and to
Kids with special needs, like my daughter. So grateful we found such a great class close to home! We have done Music Together for years, it is a wonderful program, and has been part of the soundtrack of our lives for the last decade.  -RF


This is our 3rd semester experiencing the Music Together class with Miss Cora. My 2 year old grandson asks sometime each time l’m with him if we are going to Miss Cora’s class.

He has grown in his awareness of tone and pitch, plus memorizing the words to the age appropriate songs. We know this is only the beginning of his life-long love of music.     -ES